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Funeral Flower Planning

Sending Flowers For A Funeral – Funeral Flowers Etiquette

Sending flowers to a funeral is a very thoughtful and considerate way to celebrate and honour a person’s life. Sending Funeral flowers is a very visual expression of sympathy, respect and love which lends sharing and support of grief to a relative, friend, co worker or business associate who has lost a loved one. We have traditionally expressed our respect for the dead and sympathy for the bereaved by sending sympathy flowers. This funeral custom aids people in expressing their feelings, it is often very difficult to put your feelings into words, but funeral flowers represent a visual expression of caring, respect, sympathy and love. Often individuals are not certain as to what the best way is to show their condolences and sympathy, flowers have traditionally been sent to funeral services in a funeral home as a sentiment in expressing sympathy and condolences. There is also a trend in sending funeral flowers to the home of the bereaved, and some funeral flowers are sent to the church celebrating the memory of the deceased.

There have been many changes over the years with respect to how individuals commemorate the death of a loved one, Funeral Services have become more simplified, and shorter. Viewing times are shorter and there has been a greater increase in cremations. Individuals have traditionally sent funeral flowers to the funeral home to have displayed during the viewing and funeral service, to express their respect for the deceased, and sympathy for the bereaved.   In aiding with the grieving process it is still very important in maintaining the rituals that surround death, in situations where there is no service being held, it is recommended that sending your condolences and sympathy should be done by sending funeral flowers to the bereaved family’s home.

Flowers are traditional at funeral and memorial services because they bring color and life to the space, and are a wonderful way to embellish and personalize a space. Different flowers have different meanings for most people. Roses have an aurora of nobility and fragility, they are considered the most beautiful of flowers and come in a range of several beautiful colors. Lilies represent purity and tulips denote rebirth or springtime.

When deciding on flowers for a funeral service or memorial service such symbolism along with the color and type of arrangement should be kept in mind. The preferences of the deceased is very important and should be taken into consideration when planning for the flowers.

When it comes to any floral arrangement, don’t be afraid to push some boundaries, even if the service is traditional in every other way. Brightly colored funeral arrangements with unusual flowers are very striking, upbeat and celebratory. You can have a non-traditional funeral arrangement by simply choosing flowers that are different from the traditional styles, such as birds of paradise and orchids.

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