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Organic Flowers – Going Green

There is nothing more natural and beautiful than flowers. Flowers are amazing gifts from nature, a delight to the senses and beautiful to look at and smell. Flowers and love have gone hand and hand since the beginning of mankind. For centuries, herbs and flowers have been carried or worn by brides around the world. Today, flowers play a central part in decor. They are used in arrangements, centerpieces, and other decorative spreads. Today many people are looking for options in going green and purchasing flowers that are organically farmed or having your own organic flower bed is one way of doing this.

Organic gardening or organic flower farming is the use of organic practices which avoid the use of manufactured pesticides, herbicides and mineral or synthetic fertilizers. The soil is kept healthy and rich with nutrients and kept alive with a high content of microorganisms. The essence of all organic techniques is to work with nature.

Organic agricultural practices became popular in the 1940s when J.I.Rodale, a farmer and publisher, began to publicize the advantages and superior attributes of farming organically. He founded the Rodale Institute, which is still one of the leading centers of organic agricultural research in the USA.

Organic floral farmers follow the same strict guidelines as organic food producers. It takes three years to transition from regular to organic farming. With the growing awareness of pesticide pollutions and dangers, many consumers want the choices of being able to buy organically grown flowers.

The greenest option for buying organic flowers is to buy local and seasonal flowers. Depending on where
you live, different flowers may be in season at different times. Here are the most popular fresh flowers found during the different seasons.

Spring: Allium, anemone, apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, daffodil, freesia, iris, lily of the valley, lilac, narcissus, peony, ranunculus, sweet pea, tulip and violet.

Summer: Allium, aster, calla lily, dahlia, geranium, gladiolus, honeysuckle, hydrangea, liatris, peony, rose, sunflower and zinnia.

Autumn: Anemone, aster, calla lily, dahlia, marigold, sunflower and zinnia.

Winter: Amaryllis, hyacinth, tulip and evergreens.

Year-round: Alstroemeria, aster, baby’ breath, bird of paradise, calla lily, carnation, daisy, freesia, gerbera, gladiolus, iris, lily, orchid, rose, and statice.