The Christmas Poinsettia is a favorite holiday plant year after year. The most popular colour is red and is often used in office and home decorating for the holidays. It is also a very popular Christmas gift that is chosen each year for personal or corporate gift giving. Poinsettias are a very unique plant and are only available for a short period of time each year from late November until December. They come in a variety of colours ranging from red, pink, peach, white and novelty colours. The red tones can range from bright red to deep burgundy tones which are very popular.

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Poinsettia Care Tips
The poinsettia was first introduced into the United States in 1825 by Mr. Joel Robert Poinsett. It is a tropical plant that grows wild in Mexico, and is easy to take care if you follow a few care tips. To keep your Poinsettia blooming longer here are a few tips.

(1) When the soil is dry to the touch water the plant throughly

(2) Empty excess water that sits in the saucer

(3) Keep the room temperature in the range of 72 degrees in the day and 60 degrees at night

(4) High humidity is preferred

(5) Keep poinsettias in areas that are away from drafts and any wind